Hall of Fame

Tennesee Boys & Girls Clubs Hall of Fame

    Tennessee Boys & Girls Clubs Hall of Fame honors those rare individuals whose high achievements have made a mark in the state of Tennessee and are recognized as such. Tennessee has been blessed with many great club kids, volunteers, board member, staff and friends of the Boys & Girls Club movement and now we have a way to recognize the best of the best. These individuals have shaped and inspired local clubs from across Tennessee and proved to be outstanding in doing so. The individuals whom we have inducted into our Hall of Fame have achieved the distinction of being true champions for children and have provided innumerable accomplishments and lasting memories.

     It is a privilege for the Boys & Girls Clubs in Tennessee to honor these individuals as members of the Hall of Fame. Their names will be recorded so that everyone can view them as role models for generations to come. Children can learn from the inductees of the need to “give back” to their community, to help and encourage young people excel, and to strive for a well-rounded life.  This is what all of our clubs inspire children to accomplish as they grow into a productive adults in our many communities throughout the state of Tennessee.

     The Hall of Fame reflects the history of our state wide movement, alumni and true champions for the youth of today, and the distinction is a tremendous honor. We thank you for joining in this celebration of a new tradition and know that you share in our pride at the accomplishments of these individuals. We look forward, with you, to bestowing similar accolades on those who will follow in these remarkable footsteps for years to follow. It is an honor to welcome these individuals and celebrate their achievements with and induction into the highest state wide honor, the Tennessee Boys & Girls Clubs Hall of Fame.
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