Ronnie Jenkins

Boys & Girls Clubs in Tennessee - 2015 Hall of Fame Inductee

Ronnie Jenkins

Ronnie Jenkins serves as the Vice President for Services to Clubs for Boys & Girls Clubs of America in Atlanta, Georgia. While assisting in all areas of the Service to Clubs strategy, his primary responsibilities include: leading the training and professional development department and providing coordination and development of support services, training and tools for the six regional service centers.

Ronnie served as Vice President for Services to Clubs where he led B&GCA’s innovation efforts in the areas of Training and Professional Development and National Field Services. He also spearheaded a myriad of tools and resources that supported the growth of the Movement and organizational development of local organizations and BGCA staff.  Ronnie has led BGCA’s innovation efforts in the development of the comprehensive BOARDROOM training program, creation of the Professional Development System, including the Career Assistance Network and the Academy of Boys & Girls Club Professionals, development of a Virtual Tool Kit and Library for helping nonprofits prepare for change, unrivaled by any other not-for-profit, which includes Quest, Training Management System, BGCA’s Distance Education Resources, gear UP! training and many others.

Over the past 40 years, he has held Club positions from a member of the junior staff to Chief Professional Officer. For the past 24 years, beginning in 1987, Ronnie has served as a valued member of BGCA national staff in varied capacities, including Senior Regional Service in the Southeast where he lead Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s outreach and promotional efforts and established a national record for new club sites with some 300 new clubs to his credit. Ronnie has been in his current role as the Regional Service   Director for Boys & Girls Clubs of America/Southeast since April 2006. His primary responsibilities and strengths include organizational development which includes strategic planning, promotion of new service site, consultation, board development, professional development and coaching, and compliance leadership to the 160 Boys & Girls Club organizations in Georgia.

Ronnie holds an A.A. and A.S. Degree as well as a Bachelor of Science degree in Nonprofit Management from the College of Urban Affairs, Georgia State University.  He holds a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Development from Clemson University, with research and emphasis in organizational and individual performance improvement. He   received the distinguished National Certification in Nonprofit Management and Leadership by the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance. Ronnie was installed as a member of BGCA’s National Mentors and Master Legacy Group in 2011 in New Orleans and is a recipient of The Professional Association National Contribution to the Movement. Ronnie been married to Jayne Langley Jenkins for 36 years and they have one daughter Katherine and one Grandson, A.J, the apple of his eye.
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