Farzin Ferdowski

Boys & Girls Clubs in Tennessee - 2011 Hall of Fame Inductee

Farzin jFerdowski

Mr. Farzin Ferdowski has been a corporate board member of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Middle Tennessee since 2003. During his 9-year tenure, there has been no question that Farzin has made a significant impact on our organization be it on a financial, personal commitment, or personal relationship level.  He has been on several committees including the Executive Committee, the Board Development/Search Committee, and the Capital Campaign Committee. While chairing the Capital Campaign committee, he was instrumental in raising $18,000,000. He uses his business and corporate experience as well as his affiliations to benefit   and spread the mission of the Boys & Girls Clubs as well as to bring much needed resources to the table when needed.    
Farzin’s recent significant contribution has been by influencing and strengthening our relationship with the Taco Bell Foundation. Because of this, the 11th Annual Taco Bell Keystone College Tour transported 47 youth and staff through Georgia and Florida for this year’s college exposure. By sponsoring this event, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Middle Tennessee is able to continue to serve youth through our Education and Career Development programs while providing college exposure that our club members normally would not have.    
Mr. Ferdowski has a long history of building successful franchises and serving in leadership roles in the banking and finance community in Middle TN. He is chief executive officer of Brentwood Tennessee-based Management Resources Company. Formed in 1971 MRCO manages more than 44 Taco Bell Restaurants throughout the southeast.    
Farzin’s commitment to community service includes participating on numerous corporate and nonprofit boards. In addition to serving in various board positions for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Middle Tennessee, he also has served with the Community Foundation and the Vanderbilt Ingram Cancer Center Board of Overseers. He is a former board member for the Nashville Alliance for Public Education, the Taco Bell Foundation, Goodwill Industries, TSU   Foundation, Tennessee Performing Arts Center, and Trustees for Leadership Nashville. He is also a member of the Rotary Club of Nashville.    
Along with his long history of building successful franchises he presently is serving as Chairman of the Board for Reliant Bank. On a quite personal level, Farzin continues to reach out to individuals that have touched him and whom he has touched. He regularly meets and mentors a Club member that has since graduated high school and is pursuing his college degree in GA.     Those of us in the Boys & Girls Clubs of Middle Tennessee along with the staff and board appreciate and recognize that we would not be in the strong financial and community position were it not for Mr. Farzin Ferdowski’s contributions.
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